Board Updates

Old 63/Chinaberry Roundabout

Many homeowners inquire about the ownership and lack of maintenance of the Old 63/Chinaberry roundabout, so we wanted to take this opportunity to offer clarification.  The roundabout is owned by the City of Columbia as part of their "Adopt-A-Spot" program.  

The City has struggled to find and retain a group to Adopt the roundabout since that time and does little to keep it presentable.  We encourage everyone to contact the City of Columbia regarding the condition of the roundabout.  

Leigh Kottwitz, CVA Neighborhood Services Manager – 874-7504

If you are interested in adopting the roundabout or know a group/business that is, the following link provides information about the area and how to express interest in volunteering: 

Lake Condition
Updated 9/19/2019

It has been expressed by numerous members that the health and appearance of the lake are a high priority for the membership.

Each year we battle algae and other flora growth on the lake, and each year the growth and the necessary treatments change, as weather is one of the biggest factors.  To date in 2019, the Association has spent $7,860.00 on treatments and an additional $937.50 operating/repairing the fountain, which is roughly 20% of the overall budget.  This season we performed a Sonar treatment to control the submerged weeds, which can work for a year or more.  Previous years we've spent $5797.85 (2018), $1899.72 (2017), $4709.36 (2016).

We are currently reaching out to the University of Missouri for guidance on the lake maintenance to be sure we are using effective and efficient products while working within our budget.